Pokemon GoDepending upon your age and interests, you may be interested yourself in an activity that has swept the gaming world off its feet. Yes, we’re talking about Pokemon Go!

Several peers and staff at Perry Wellness Center have begun playing the somewhat addictive game on their smartphones. Staff member Amber Rechtorvic has no complaints, saying: “The phenomenon is good. First, it excites some of our peers with the color and screen activity. With their excitement, they will travel throughout our campus, to Rees Park, and soon downtown to the Windsor. When they arrive at these sites, they read the history on each displayed historic sign. It is a true learning experience for them.”

Participating peers also gain physical activity as part of their wellness plans. They learn historical information, and they even receive safety prompts from accompanying staff regarding traffic and other potential risks.

Amber continues, “Our peers are learning about local history and electronics while we encourage physical activity. This is a win-win for our group I am sure this learning activity will grow. I look forward to the days that several of our peers will compete for points on the Pokemon discovery.”

In the photo above, Chris Strickland quietly studies his new Pokemon program on his smartphone.

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