Mike Harper 2016From the early days of the recovery center previously known as the Tom Perry Peer Center, Mike Harper has been friends with Stuart Perry, CEO and founder of what is now Perry Wellness Center. For many years, he resided in Ellaville, Georgia. During his time there, Mike suffered from depression and loneliness, which he fought with often unhealthy solutions and avoidance of contact with friends and neighbors. Receiving treatment made all the difference.

Last September, Mike moved to Lillian Carter Village in Plains, a retirement center that provides him with structure and support. As with his time at our recovery center, making this move has been life-changing.

“I enjoy visiting with people who like to talk,” Mike notes. In addition to companionship, he appreciates other benefits. “Like I did at Perry Wellness Center, I have three wholesome and tasty meals each day. These people are like family, and my health has really improved.”

Mike still enjoys his continued visits to the campus, saying with a smile, “I feel better but like to return to Perry Wellness Center and renew friendships.” He visits the center each month now and quickly asks for a gardening task when he arrives. He is famous on campus for his planting and garden maintenance skills.

Stuart is always happy to see him arrive. “It is great to see Mike and realize how well he is doing,” he says. “We go back a long way and enjoy our visits when he comes to Perry Wellness Center."

And the garden assistance is appreciated. “All of our weeds are in danger when Mike is on the campus,” Stuart laughingly concludes.

In the photo above, Mike Harper chats with friends on the front porch of Perry Wellness Center.

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