Alberta peachesSeeing regular customers visit our market is always a welcome sight. It is an opportunity for catching up with old acquaintances, as well as a sign that our market is meeting customer needs. On a recent morning, one favorite visitor stopped by. Retired educator Drenda Sternenberg visited Rudy’s Happy Patch Market before the expected heat of the day. She toured display bins throughout the newly expanded market, noting the changes. The new layout provides for additional display space as well as space for a new glass display freezer.

“We are excited about the changes at Happy Patch,” said Stuart Perry. “Despite the heat, we are welcoming many new and former customers. The market is even more colorful as we continue to build our inventory of different locally grown vegetables.”

Ms. Sternenberg was also appreciative in her comments. “I enjoy visiting Happy Patch Market and this colorful corner,” she noted. “I looked forward to the availability of Elberta peaches. I found them this morning and will enjoy this first crop."

The frequent visitor was greeted by long-time peer guide and market assistant Rhonda Hubbard, who assisted her in her selection of the best Elberta Peaches. Pictured above are Dreanda Sternenberg, left, and Rhonda Hubbard.

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