Gracie 2016The management and staff of Perry Wellness Center take pride in attending to the diverse needs of the 77 peers who participate in its wellness and recovery program. Close monitoring of wellness and nutrition program is required on at least an hourly basis.

“Our staff monitors the days of our peer population, both at the center and at home,” notes founder and CEO Stuart Perry. But there is always time for a few moments of lightness throughout the day.

“With a daily possibility of problems by one or several peers, we strive to make the campus a fun place,” Stuart explains. “With the mixture of so many different personalities, this can be a challenge.”

Stuart notes that it takes a large staff of 24 to assess, monitor, and support peers in their daily lives. Sometimes we feel that we should count a 25th member of the staff – namely, our canine friend Gracie. Considered a full member of the Perry family and a campus mascot, Gracie is also a source of pleasure to many peers, bringing a bit of unofficial pet therapy to the campus. Rumor has it that she is a bit spoiled, as her food and water bowls are always filled, her daily walks attended to regardless of the weather, and the thermostat adjusted to her preference in the office within which she takes her frequent naps.

“Gracie is another child to us, and we monitor her wants very closely,” explains a smiling Pam Perry, a senior administrator and Stuart’s wife. “Like Amanda, our daughter, we try to make Gracie a member of our family.”

As a member of the extended Perry Wellness Center family, Gracie brings a little light to everyone’s lives, reminding us about compassion and responsibility. Here’s to many more happy years, Gracie!

In the photo above, Crisis Resolution Director Jackie Teasley, LPC, CPS, CPRP, pauses in her work to give Gracie some affectionate attention.

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