Market expansionThe summer market at Happy Patch continues to be busy. As word about the acceptance of EBT cards, as well as cash, checks, Master Card, and Visa, reaches customers, shopping has reached a new level. An increased product inventory also contributes to the increase.

But the changes are not all about profits. Stuart Perry explains how it’s all part of a dream coming true. “I want to help people who live on little revenue each month,” he explains. “I have met with many of our customers to hear how a package of tilapia, shrimp, and other seafood, along with frozen corn and peas, other vegetables, and yogurt can be spread out for several meals. I just want to help my friends have good food!”

In the coming weeks, classes are planned on food preparation for items offered at the market. Stuart notes, “We are not serving the prepared food to our public, but only want to show the best way to make tasty foods.”

The new enterprise must be kept separate from cafeteria cooking, in order to follow strict rules for services to the public versus cafeteria services for peers.

“We prepare and serve two meals a day at Perry Wellness Center,” Stuart offers. “We cannot mix food for the public market and the food that we serve our peers.”

It’s just another small challenge in an effort whose results are very worthwhile. One step in making improvements for maximum compliance with the rules is additional freezing space. With all the hot weather, a few more cool spots are welcome!

In the photo above, Dale Davis, left, discusses future needs for separate freezing space with Stuart.

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