Green and BondAt a wellness and recovery center, all aspects of personal improvement area important. This includes proper exercise and diet. Lower calorie/lower sodium meals are being more accepted, as well as more intense workout programs. Peer Tommy Green is one individual who is up to the challenge at Perry Wellness Center.

For years, Tommy has sought to both lose weight and increase his strength. He uses much of his free time to work on his health regimen. The results have been successful, to the point that he often called “Macho Man” by several staff members.

Staff member Karl Bond has helped in the process. Although he needs no weight loss himself, he enjoys demonstrating wellness leadership with peers and has several specific programs for men. One routine includes five sets with 8-10 reps of overhead presses, weighted pull-ups, and other cardiovascular exercises.

Before beginning these routines each day, Tommy has already tackled a series of dumbbell bench presses, dumbell rows, overhead presses, bicep curls, and skull crushers (don’t these names sound menacing?!). Since the weight lifting workouts take place before the cardio routines, the numbers of sets and reps vary. Karl explains: “It is important that we work the entire body for better wellness. I know that some of our peers think that we are not aware of their strength issues, but if we work along side them and demonstrate the proper movements, it helps us all.” He concludes with a smile, “I could never do the weight and exercises that some of our peers seem to enjoy.”

At Perry Wellness Center, we appreciate the supportive leadership of Karl and the diligent practices of Tommy. They both show that total wellness can be an achievable goal.

In the above photo, Tommy Green works out on an exercise mat under close supervision of staff member Karl Bond.

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