Gracie and RhondaIf you’ve ever had a pet, then you won’t dispute the research that shows how animals make our lives better.  People with pets tend to be more mentally and physically fit. So what would a behavioral health recovery center be without a pet?

Enter Gracie (no known last name), who serves as a mascot of sorts on the Perry Wellness Center campus. We can’t claim she has great watchdog instincts, but her sleeping skills are second to none!

Gracie particularly enjoys long walks with favored peers. Peer leader Rhonda Hubbard often takes that honor.

“Gracie and I are good friends,” Rhonda says. As for their walks together, “She likes me ‘cause I let her go where she wants to go.” Sounds like Gracie has a lot in common with humans!

Consider this your midweek public service announcement: take long walks for your health, and bring a dog along for added benefits.

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