A Photo Tells the Story

Rhone jeansLast week, we mentioned peer Nakia Rhone in an article about how setting concrete goals assists peers in managing their health. We used Nakia as an example of success in meeting W.H.A.M. (Whole Health Action Management) program goals. From April through October of this year, she had lost over 90 pounds!

We believe it’s true that a picture is worth a thousand words, so thought we’d share the photo above as a visual testimony to her success. Nakia has achieved the most weight loss of all volunteer participants. Last week, she brought in a pair of blue jeans she can no longer wear, proud to show her weight loss in such a striking way.

“I am proud of my weight loss,” Nakia says. “These jeans show me that weight loss can be done. I am trying to convince peer friends that we can improve our health.”

With a smile, she concludes, “These jeans could hold two people!”

Perry Wellness Center founder and CEO Stuart Perry is equally proud, saying, “I am really excited to see our peer population take ownership and leadership in making positive changes. Nakia is a great example of what determination and body and mind wellness can do.”

Congrats again to Nakia!

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