Regional Eye Center


To continue the ongoing efforts to promote better health and wellness at Perry Wellness Center, a variety of activities are underway to provide early detection for illness and disease. The Regional Eye Center is partnering with PWC to provide eye care and vision testing for interested staff and peers.

Recently, Chelsea Hodges, a staff facilitator, arranged for the testing for a total of 27 peers and staff. Each individual received testing for visual acuity and eye pressure checks, which can identify glaucoma. Nurses Megan Lamb and Maggie Lamp set up a testing area adjacent to classrooms at Perry Wellness Center.

All peers and staff who were tested now have documentation of their current eye health and acuity. Those needing follow-up will be scheduled and transported to the Regional Eye Center for additional examination by a staff optometrist.

“This was a great first testing for our peers,” enthuses Chelsea. “We now have a baseline for future tests as we seek to provide the best in total wellness.” She notes that there can be unexpected dividends: “Good vision is a very important part as we continue to expand our reading and educational programs. We found vision needs some months ago for a peer. She had severe cataracts but now is reading well and has a great outlook on her future.”

Our thanks to the Regional Eye Center for all their professional assistance!

In the photo above, Chelsea Hodge, Megan Lamb, and Maggie Lamp conduct a two-phase vision test on peer James Mahone.

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