Slaton DVD learningWe’ve shared the story of Laurie Slaton before – the dedicated peer who is on a journey of learning and discovery. First, she mastered the art of needlework and weaving on a loom. She also developed an affinity for putting puzzles together. Then Laurie tackled reading improvement. For two years, she was mentored in reading by Daisy Bell.

Says Daisy, “In a few weeks, Laurie was forming sentences, and her excitement for her newly learned skills was evident and quite pleasing to her.” Soon after, it was discovered that Laurie had cataracts. After successful cataract surgery on both eyes, Laurie’s learning curve rose even more dramatically.

“After this surgery, we discovered this might have been Laurie’s problem with reading and word association,” Perry Wellness Center founder and CEO Stuart Perry explains. “We look forward to her future with us.”

Now Laurie’s independent learning takes another turn as she has discovered the world of DVDs. In the past few days, she has begun to borrow and use a DVD player owned by friend and tablemate James Barron. Another world has seemed to open up for her.

“I have good friends at Perry Wellness Center,” Laurie says, “And all of the staff and peer friends are trying to help me. This new process of enjoying personal movies is great.”

May we all have such magic journeys of discovery!

In the photo above, Laurie Slaton site quietly during a break and enjoys the DVD, “Howl’s Moving Castle.”

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