ZumbaThe newest exercise craze has made its appearance at Perry
Wellness Center, and peers are dancing to the beat. Zumba dance weight loss classes are now being held weekly, led by staff member Hannah Blaisdell-Hunter.

“Zumba classes are fun for our peers,” Hannah explains. “I need to shed some pounds and want to help them tone muscles and exercise for cardiac improvement.” She also notes that the classes promote group coordination and participation.

The 45-minute classes are challenging but fun. Participants literally dance to the music, but in ways designed to tone muscles and burn calories. Many Zumba-related websites tout the program as allowing participants to burn up to 1500 calories per day. The PWC classes are taking a more leisurely pace, but peers are enthusiastic and expecting positive results.

‪”We have some great dancers at Perry Wellness Center,” notes founder and CEO Stuart Perry. “I hope with this creation of Zumba exercise classes, we can improve the health and fitness of some of our peers.”

In the photo above, Hannah Blaisdell-Hunter leads members of Perry Wellness Center’s first Zumba class.

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