This week we are completing our latest round of training from the RESPECT Institute of Georgia. This three-day training event teaches peers and staff to define and tell their own stories about recovery in the world of mental health and addictive diseases.

Tomorrow morning, our latest group of peers graduates from the Institute. During the ceremony, peers will share their stories with people from the community. If you’ve never attended such a ceremony, let us assure you that your hearts will be touched and your eyes will be filled at the stories of adversity, recovery, and positivity.

The RESPECT Institute supports the belief that an important component of recovery is the need to give back and share one’s story with others. In addition to improving peers’ own self-respect, such activities promote a stigma-free and welcoming community environment in which peers can comfortably live.

Tomorrow at 10:30, we will once again assemble for a graduation ceremony in the classroom building. You are welcome to join us! For further information, you can contact Lezlie Poole at 229-924-2430.

Respect Institute invitation

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