Stress ReliefWe are all impacted by stress in our daily lives, and a small amount of stress can even be healthy, keeping us alert to risk. But too much stress can be harmful to both mental and physical health. For many individuals dealing with the effects of mental illness, fighting stress can be a frequent occurrence.

At yesterday’s peer discussion group, staff member Kari Bond held an opening discussion with peers on stress management. He began by asking several peers how they dealt with stress. Answers were varied:

“I pray.”

“I eat.”

I meditate.”

“I walk away.”

“I read my Bible.”

“I go to bed.”

After hearing from peers, Kari took the class through the construction of “stress balls.” Peers were provided with needed materials, including latex balloons, cornstarch and Play-doh. They were then walked through the step-by-step process for making the stress relief tool.

The class proved quite popular, combining a type of craft project with a lesson in stress solutions. Whether squeezing a stress ball or doing deep breathing exercises, everyone benefits from finding new ways to cope with the age-old problem of stress.

In the photo above, Kari Bond, left, works with Paul, Kelly, and Matthew as they fill and tie latex balloons during the construction of “stress balls.”

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