Debris removalAs springtime nears, Perry Wellness Center’s spring cleaning extends to its grounds. Although several large buildings – from classrooms to greenhouse – sit on the sprawling campus, it is the landscaping that draws people’s attention the most. Blooming garden beds, a walking trail, koi pond, fountain, arbor, and other features draw the eye and calm the soul.

Such a soothing landscape can be disrupted by stray trash and other debris, and recent winds have had their effect. Peers are encouraged to be vigilant about discarded trash, and many pitch in to help clean up.

“With our anticipated year at Happy Patch Market, it is vital that all of us begin work to improve the appearance of our campus, says PWC founder and CEO Stuart Perry.

Several years ago, a challenge was issued to see which peer could collect the largest amount of debris on the center’s campus. Amazingly, the winner of that competition presented l6 pounds of debris to claim the prize!

In addition to peer cleanup efforts, the center maintains a recycling program for aluminum cans. A recycling program for plastic items will be implemented in the near future. Such efforts are beneficial to the environment and to the overall wellbeing of the Perry Wellness Center campus.

In the photo above, Tashaun Thomas begins his effort to ride the Perry Wellness Center campus and market of trash and debris.

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