Tommy Green 2017As we’ve previously shared with our readers, Tommy Green, a peer at Perry Wellness Center, has been on a body building crusade. For several months he has been involved in the center’s exercise and body building program, even leading some of the exercises. Tommy has been so successful in his efforts that he is fondly known as “Macho Man” on campus.

Whenever PWC founder and CEO Stuart Perry needs assistance in a job requiring physical strength, he is likely to say, “Call Tommy Green!”

Tommy prides himself on his success in physical training and is willing to invest the discipline required. Recently he returned from a stay in Albany, Georgia. While away, he maintained his exercise regiment.

“I went there to find a job and stay with friends,” Tommy explains. “While I was there, I worked out most every day. I wanted to maintain my muscles and appearance. When the weather warms a little, I want to form a weight lifting challenge with other peers.”

We commend our Macho Man for his dedication and results!

In the photo above, Tommy Green reviews exercise routines on his smartphone, as he plans his next exercise program.

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