Current EventsEach Monday morning at Perry Wellness Center begins with a Current Events discussion. It is a time for peers and staff to share information that they may have heard or read over the past weekend. 

This sharing time always begins with a prayer. When asked who wants to pray for the meeting and a productive day at our recovery center, Laurie Sutton is a regular volunteer. She begins each prayer with a heartfelt: “Lord God, help us all to have a great day.”

This morning Laurie’s prayer may have been needed even more than usual. After all, it is the first weekday morning after the return to daylight savings time. In addition, cold weather has returned to Southwest Georgia, even as we were anticipating an early spring. Many comments this morning related to weather forecasts – “cold all week” and preparation tips – “wrap your pipes and leave your water running.” Peers and staff also reminded each other to change the batteries in home fire alarms and mourned the loss of an hour’s sleep this past weekend.

A recent Yahoo article about daylight savings time was also discussed. The article cited some alarming facts about the change in time, including a rise in heart attacks and strokes, increased car accidents, and decreased worker productivity. Many wondered why daylight savings time still exists. It was established to reduce energy consumption during wartime. But recent research seems to indicate that such savings don’t exist. It would take a literal act of Congress to abolish daylight savings time. In the meantime, it does serve a good purpose: bringing people of all persuasions together on a mutual object of frustration!

Whatever the topic and whatever the temperature, Current Events is a stimulating way to start the week at Perry Wellness Center.

In the photo above, Laurie Sutton resumes some creative artwork after leading the morning prayer.

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