First Day of SpringThis week began with the first day of spring, and weather forecasters are happily predicting the last of the extremely cold weather for the season. In keeping with these facts, Stuart Perry has initiated his spring and summer routines for watering and maintenance of hundreds of colorful plants on the grounds and in the greenhouses of Perry Wellness Center.

“I guess I like colorful plant like my mother and father did when they had greenhouses in Buena Vista,” Stuart speculates. “The color in our greenhouses reminds us that we have survived another winter.”

With blooming color comes increased maintenance, so Stuart adds with a smile, “I will have to remind some of my seasoned peers about the needs of plant maintenance.”

Over the recent winter months, several new structures were built to display the growing supply of plants and hanging baskets. Both new and existing customers are drawn to this area to check out the profusion of early blooming plants. Market staff note that they always “leave with a smile.”

In the photo above, Grover Thornton takes on the chore of watering plants, as Stuart Perry stands by to monitor and offer other suggestions in plant care.

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