Basketball practiceOn one of the recent cold days that March weather has featured, athletic peers were not fazed. Even though the temperature had dropped into the 30s, a hearty group of individuals got together to prepare for an upcoming basketball tournament with Middle Flint Behavioral HealthCare’s Breezeway day program.

As a former high school and college athlete, Stuart Perry emphasizes preparation – and he also likes to win! A little cool weather was not going to slow this team down.

“We try to teach winning at our center,” Stuart explained. “I do not like to lose, and I want to challenge our peers and staff to always strive to be winners. I know the weather is cold today, but we must do the physical thing and be ready for our annual competition.”

As he operates a program based on principles of wellness and recovery, such an attitude serves him well in guiding peer athletes. Friendly competition with other local programs also promotes cooperation and teamwork. All in all – it’s worth a brisk warm-up.

Karl Bond, CPS, led the co-ed team’s morning strategy session, pictured above, on the public site behind the Community Center on Rees Park.

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