After the StormLast week was a stormy one, with strong thunderstorms and tornadoes in the vicinity. While Americus escaped the main brunt of the storms, many peers and staff at Perry Wellness Center were left somewhat shaken. On Wednesday, the worst storm day, many individuals had not come to Perry Wellness Center but endured the day at home. Those who did arrive at the center spent time huddled in an inner closet or restroom until an “all clear” sounded. Stuart Perry also warned each peer to identify a “safe place” at home and learn about other responses to dangerous weather.

After the storm had passed, routine returned to Perry Wellness Center. But Stuart first led a group discussion to process the events of the previous day. People shared their personal experiences and feelings, drawing comfort from sharing with others. Everyone was ready to get things back to normal.

Stuart explained, “After our sharing of the potential tragedy of the weather, peers quickly went outside to enjoy the bright skies and pleasant breezes. It was good to share personal fears with our peers and staff.”

The next step in getting things back to normal? Cleaning up the windblown campus. In the photo above, Tyshaun Thomas tackles the area near the gates of Rudy’s Happy Patch Market.

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