Chat TimePerry Wellness Center can accurately be described as a busy and bustling campus. We believe that keeping active and occupied helps peers in the recovery process – plus, there is always so much waiting to be completed, learned, or discovered!

Even the start of the day is often hectic. With the forecast of temperatures above 80 degrees in the afternoons, many peers use early mornings as a time to tackle their daily jobs. But others use the time to chat with friends and staff. The start of the day can be a time for reflection on the coming day and for quiet conversation after a hot breakfast.

“I believe that the more we listen and have communication with our staff and peer family, the more we can do to prevent any possible problems,” explains Stuart Perry, PWC founder and CEO. “We realize that some of our peers may experience some challenges when they return home after a day at Perry Wellness Center. We want to be sure that dialogue with friends each day is encouraged.”

Finding the balance between work and play, activity and relaxation, quiet focus and friendly conversation – it’s all part of the rhythms of the day at Perry Wellness Center.

In the photo above, Sarah Teal and Deborah Danielly enjoy conversation in the quiet of Hope Park before they begin their day at Perry Wellness Center.

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