Vidalia OnionsPeer Robert Bell likes to get an early morning start on his grocery shopping at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market. He stops for produce first thing, in order to beat the heat of the day. Married to wife Daisy, who also attends Perry Wellness Center, Robert claims the kitchen as his domain.

“We have enjoyed 41 years of marriage,” Robert says. “It will be 42 in October. I do most of the cooking, because I like sweets. Mostly, we have learned to like the same foods for our meals. Daisy is a great cook, but I like to pick out fresh fruits and vegetables from Happy Patch Market.”

The couple also boasts another family member, Smokey the cat. Robert acknowledges that Smokey is a pampered pet, saying, “We treat our cat like another member of our family. Like us, he will let us know when he wants some more food!”

Robert and Daisy Bell have known Stuart Perry, PWC founder and CEO, for decades, as they went through mental health treatment together. Now the couple enjoys the atmosphere of learning, activity, and peer contact at the recovery program established by their longtime friend.

In the photo above, Robert Bell fills a bag with several large Vidalia onions, a popular vegetable at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market.

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