Smoke HouseAs summer nears, thoughts for many turn to cook-outs and barbeques. Peers and staff at Perry Wellness Center are among those who look forward to summer hours at the grill. In a timely development, the PWC campus is now boasting a new structure that will help make summer dreams come true – namely, a grilling smoke house.

The screened building is located at the northern entrance to Rudy’s Happy Patch Market. The site on which it is built was the previous location for two large barrel shellers, which were recently moved closer to a refrigerator/freezer room for better storage of fresh beans and peas.

The vented screen room was designed by Jeff Williams, after the proposal was cleared by the Georgia Dept. of Agriculture. It will be used for grilling meats – and the occasional vegetable! -- in an environment protected from both weather and insects. PWC founder and CEO Stuart Perry has great plans for the new structure.

“Our peers have always enjoyed grilled meals,” Stuart explains. “Now we can offer these special meats and grilling to our customers on Fridays and Saturdays as a fund raiser.”

Stay tuned for news of upcoming barbeque or grilling events. For now, the final touches are being placed on the smoke house, including a last coat of paint. The attractive, pavilion-like structure is pictured above.

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