Playing checkersAlmost anyone who has visited the campus of Perry Wellness Center has met Rhonda H., who serves as the program’s official tour guide for guests. When not leading group tours of welcoming individuals, Rhonda enjoys playing table games – particularly competitive card games.

It’s easy to tell when Rhonda is ready to play, for she dons her head visor, like a pro! In the spring and summer, Rhonda may challenge anyone who passes by to a card game on the front porch of the center’s main building.

“I love to watch the activity in front of Perry Wellness Center,” Rhonda explains with a smile.

In addition to her expertise with cards, Rhonda has also become accomplished at pool. Whatever the game, she seems up to a winning effort.

“I enjoy a challenge,” she acknowledges. “I am not always a winner at pool and cards, but I like to win. Now, we are introducing checkers at Perry Wellness Center. I hope to be the best at that game!”

That is a goal that few of us would bet against!

In the photo above, Andrew C. challenges Rhonda to a friendly game of checkers.

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