Debra SweepingOn any given day, you can find Perry Wellness Center founder and CEO Stuart Perry walking around the campus. A naturally energetic man, Stuart is, however, doing more than getting his daily exercise. He is also checking out the condition of everything on the campus, making mental notes of areas needing correction or improvement as he makes his rounds.

“It is important for me to be sure that this center is the cleanest it can be,” Stuart explains. “It can be a tough time, but we have peers who have daily assignments to make all classrooms and assembly rooms to look their best.”

The grounds and market area are also kept in tip-top shape by peers armed with brooms, rakes, and pruning sheers.

In the last few days, even more attention than usual has been paid to the appearance of the buildings and grounds, as visitors were on their way for a site visit. Today, a group of visitors from the state office in Atlanta arrived and were greeted with a bright and clean center.

“I hope our visitors from Atlanta had a good day and will visit us again,” Stuart notes.

In the photo above, Debra D. completes some last-minute sweeping in the meeting room before guests arrive.

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