Angela SmithLearning to overcome unhealthy habits is part of any wellness and recovery program. At Perry Wellness Center, peers works daily on weight-loss diets, exercise programs, and other projects to improve their physical health. One such peer is Angela Smith, who is now conquering one of the greatest health challenges of all: smoking.

Angela has attended the center since it relocated to its current site in 2015. Originally from Albany, she moved to Americus to attend Perry Wellness Center. Now she is a dedicated member of the program.

After some medical issues arose recently, Angela set herself the task of smoking cessation. “I have had my last cigarette,” Angela states. “I don’t want to be around cigarette smoke but know that most of my peer friends do smoke. I had to go to the hospital with some respiratory problems and, after a chest x-ray, I was told there was no lung damage, but I had to quit smoking. This was my wake-up call.”

In addition to the health risks, Angela had also been concerned about the financial costs of her cigarette habit. “I was up to two packs a day – almost $10,” she notes. “I have plans to redo my house and will start with my bedroom and living room. I will do this [quit smoking] and, when I have money in my pocket, I will plan for my future.”

Angela is no stranger to tackling challenges. She explains, “I suffered a gunshot wound in 1981, when I was only 23. It damaged a nerve, and I cannot use my left side.” She relies on a mobile chair and keeps up well with the activities at the center.

“I think that this recovery challenge, along with my desire to stop smoking, will teach me about how much better life can be,” Angela concludes.

Good luck, Angela! We know you have the determination to kick the habit!

In the photo above, Angela Smith raises an empty pack of cigarettes and vows, “I had my last cigarette two hours ago!”

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