Memorial Day 2017Today is Memorial Day, a time to honor those who have been lost in the military defense of their country. Although no formal program was planned for today’s observance at Perry Wellness Center, peers and staff are commemorating the day quietly.

Some of the 74 enrolled peers did not attend classes today, after calling in to report planned activities with family and friends. Perry Wellness Center founder and CEO Stuart Perry is not unhappy with the less than full house today. He explains, “It is important for our staff and peers to visit with family and friends on holidays. I wish for them safety and good health.” He added, with a smile, “But I expect to see them on Tuesday!”

To honor this special day several peers displayed the American flag, including Essie Fulks, Kaylon Holt, and Mary Greene, above, in Hope Park. In addition, copies of a history of Memorial Day were distributed to staff and peers. Some highlights of the history include the following:

  • Memorial Day was first known as Decoration Day, because of the practice of cleaning and decorating fallen ancestors’ graves.
  • Memorial Day was originally established to honor those who had lost their lives in the Civil War.
  • After the end of World War I, the holiday was expanded to include those who have died in any American war.
  • This holiday was observed on different dates in various states until 1971, when Memorial Day was designated by Congress to take place on the last Monday in May.

Today, we hope our readers are enjoying a restful day with friends or family. Whatever your plans, we hope you can take a few moments to commemorate the day by remembering America’s fallen warriors.

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