Corn preparationAs we told our readers last week, the peers and staff at Perry Wellness Center are excited about the arrival of the first truckload of Chase Farms corn. We thought we’d share some practical tips for preparing the renowned corn, so that Rudy’s Happy Patch Market customers can benefit.


These tips were offered by PWC’s billing director, Jan Adkinson. In addition to being handy with a spreadsheet, Jan is an accomplished cook whose parents owned an Italian restaurant in Fort Wayne, Indiana for 33 years. She described her family’s tradition for handling and freezing fresh corn.

“I have discovered way to limit work in preparing corn for immediate meals and for freezing,” Jan explained. “What I do is cut the stem end of the corn with a sharp knife. I then microwave some 4 – 6 ears for 16 minutes, or four minutes per ear. Be careful when the microwave stops. Take the stem and invert the corn. The ready-to-eat ear will slide out [of the husk] without tassels and is ready for serving with salt, pepper, and butter.”

She continued with her proven method for preparation of fresh corn: “When you want to freeze corn, shuck all of the ears and tassels. Clean remaining silks and place in a suitable freezer bag. Seal it tightly and freeze immediately. Blanching corn is not the chosen method for me. The cob inside the corn can give off different tastes. I usually bag the corn in four-ear freezer bags for cooking in boiling water.”

Her last bit of advice? “Enjoy!”

In the  photo above, Jan Adkinson displays an ear of freshly cooked corn, noting, “Look, no silks!”

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