July 4th 2017At Perry Wellness Center, peers and staff like to think that every day is a celebration. The spirit of recovery fosters positive attitudes throughout the busy campus.

But the week of July 4th is always a time for additional celebration. This year, peer groups and current event sessions reviewed the history of the United States and the meaning of Independence Day. Peers also enjoy decorating the campus in festive red, white, and blue.

When asked what he celebrates at Perry Wellness Center, founder and CEO Stuart Perry focuses on the market. He is pleased with the summer bustle, the quality of the produce he offers, and the friendly customer relations he sees.

“At Happy Patch Market, I am seeing improved attitudes in relation to customer greeting,” Stuart says, citing an example. “We all must realize the importance of our market, as this corner is often the only contact citizens have with Perry Wellness Center. I appreciate the support!”

In the above photo, Amber and Sudennia decorate Rudy’s Happy Patch Market for the Fourth of July.

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