Gonzalez familyDuring the Fourth of July week, Perry Wellness Center received more than its usual share of news visitors. One day a group from Bailey North Carolina, the Gonzalez family, stopped by for a tour of the campus.

After being greeted by PWC founder and CEO Stuart “Never Met a Stranger” Perry, the family asked about some unusual cactus specimens growing on a curb.

“I do not know the name of the cactus,” Stuart told them, “But I can get one dug up for you to take home.” Within minutes, a peer began to dig up a cactus for the family. One of the family joined in to help, and a larger cactus, a smaller plant, and a shoot root were ready for transfer and planting in North Carolina soil.

The Gonzalez family assured peers and staff that they would always remember Perry Wellness Center when they enjoyed their new plants. We’re glad they were able to take a little bit of Georgia back home with them.

In the photo above, the Gonzalez family takes a break from digging up cacti from the grounds of Perry Wellness Center.

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