Market MascotThe Perry Wellness Center family extends not only to staff, peers, and supporters, but to a couple of four-legged family members, Gracie and Rudy. For years, Gracie has been a mascot for the campus. The canine daughter of Stuart and Pam Perry, Gracie hangs out in the classroom building, but also enjoys leash walks around the scenic campus.

More recently, another animal companion has taken its place at the center. Rudy, a beautiful feline visitor, was adopted by Perry Wellness Center when he arrived at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market, and now he has free reign of the market. Rudy, named – like the market – for late PWC supporter and friend Rudy Hayes, is a welcome addition for a couple of important reasons. First, he brightens the day of everyone he deigns to notice in his regal manner. Second, he keeps the market free of rodents and other pests.

Rudy has found a particular advocate with longtime staff member Phyllis Smith. “I have cats at home, and I realize the love and assurance that they can give,” she explains. “With my other duties, I found time to daily feed and water Rudy.”

As Miss Phyllis completes her morning cleanup of Rudy’s service area, she concludes with a smile,” We all appreciate life at Perry Wellness Center and Happy Patch Market. Rudy is very appreciative of this love and food and attention.” Aren’t we all!

In the photo above, Phyllis Smith feeds market mascot Rudy, while he allows a moment of petting.

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