Product PresentationAsk any store owner, and he or she will tell you that product display is a key to lively sales. Putting “the best face forward” in a merchant setting makes the shopping experience -- and the inventory itself -- more appealing to the potential buyer.

Product presentation can be as complex as the décor of a store or as simple as ensuring that items for sale are clearly seen and accessible.

At Rudy’s Happy Patch Market, we try to put these principles to work every day, in order to have the most customer-friendly market possible.

Many peers attending Perry Wellness Center have market-centered duties, ranging from keeping surfaces clean (wiping down glass cases, sweeping floors) to creating a cheerful setting (hanging colorful signs, providing excellent customer service) to making attractive, visible product displays (filling and restocking display shelves, checking produce for freshness).

PWC founder and CEO Stuart Perry emphasizes product presentation, explaining, “Our market peers have learned that if the product is not displayed or visible for our customers, they will not buy it.”

He continues, “Some peers enjoy outdoor work in the gardens. Many like to use brooms; some like to clean glass; some paint. But all of our peers and staff learn the importance of teamwork.”

Perhaps we should call our approach “Marketing for the Market 101.”

In the photo above, Jaleisa reaches for a top shelf in order to move market products forward, increasing access and visibility.

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