Embossing ProjectFor individuals dealing with depression, anxiety, or other symptoms of mental illness, creative self-expression can be just what the doctor ordered – literally. Music, poetry, art, dance: these are just a few ways in which individuals can share their feelings creatively.

For this very reason, Perry Wellness Center staff member Nikki Thompson-Hunter inserts opportunities for creative expression into each group she leads with peers. She particularly likes to direct art classes at the center.

“I realize that art is important to all of us,” Nikki explains. “Each of us has a desire to express ourselves. For some, aggression is the release. For other, action movement through creative arts is best.”

In a recent project, 21 peers were taught a tin foil embossing project. The process required applications of glue to a surface in a pleasing design, followed by the attachment of foil and the use of a design implement to emboss the image to the surface of the foil. The final touch is the application of color to the design.

It’s a simple but creative project. The required combination of concentration and creativity provides a helpful lesson for individuals in recovery.

In the photo above, Nikki Thompson-Hunter assists a table of peers in a Monday morning class on embossing.

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