Haley DobbsIn keeping with our Summer at the Market theme, Rudy’s Happy Patch Market recently welcomed yet another return visitor. Haley Dobbs, a nurse with the Sumter County Health Department, stopped by to select a watermelon – a favorite choice for many in late summer.

“The last melon was great, and I wanted to get another one,” she explained. As do many visitors, she had sought the assistance of Rhonda Hubbard, the official campus tour guide.

“Rhonda was my helper, and I hope she will pick out another good melon,” Ms. Dobbs added.

Hearing this, Rhonda beamed and noted, “I guess I have another friend and happy customer!” At Perry Wellness Center, one of her claims to fame is serving as the campus guide to former First Lady Rosalynn Carter whenever she stops by. It appears she must add “melon picker extraordinaire” to her resumé.

As for Haley Dobbs, we hope she went home with the perfect melon and will return soon. Her parting words make us optimistic: “As a nurse, I try and realize the good things you all are doing. Thanks!”


In the photo above, Haley Dobbs stops by a tomato bin while at Rudy's Happy Patch Market.

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