Rudy at BreakfastWe recently shared the story of our latest “acquisition” at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market – namely, Rudy the Cat. Rudy serves as the mascot for the market, keeping the area free of rodents and pests while charming visitors.

The love of pets is almost universal. Many of the peers who attend Perry Wellness Center have struggled with finding a sense of family and emotional closeness. Pets like Rudy provide opportunities for safe bonding. The emergence of therapy pets in nursing homes, schools, and other locales speaks to the benefit to animal affection.

Of course, Rudy, being a cat, sometimes struggles with intimacy himself, especially when he is disturbed during mealtime. Rudy has his own spot for food service near the market’s classroom kitchen. In this out-of-the-way spot, he usually finds quiet time during breakfast, eating his chosen brand of cat food.

Recently, peers Jantwan and Tyshaun (left to right, above) interrupted Rudy during breakfast, hoping for a bit of attention for themselves. Unhappy with the interruption, Rudy expressed his strong displeasure. Luckily, there were no fatalities!

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