Jantwan Checks PeasWhile summer is starting to wind down, summer peas and beans are still widely available at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market. A large amount of shelled butter beans and peas fill the refrigerators.

Market workers make sure that the freshly picked and shelled legumes are kept as fresh as possible before selling. To help ensure freshness, the date of shelling and bagging is checked each day.

“It is important that we rotate our freshly shelled peas and butter beans,” says Perry Wellness Center founder and CEO Stuart Perry. “We want our customers to get the freshest products.”

As a peer leader on the PWC campus, Jantwan Twiggs takes his assigned tasks seriously. One summer assignment is a daily, morning check of the shelling and packing dates on each package of peas and beans. Jantwan explains, “I check the latest date and then rotate the bags to be sure that the older dates are in front.”

And speaking of keeping things fresh, we thought it would be timely to pull an old recipe out of our deep freeze archives. Check out this simple, low-fat recipe for preparing fresh or frozen peas:

Saute one chopped onion in a deep saucepan until it begins to caramelize.

Add just a pinch of salt to taste, or substitute sea salt.

Add additional herbs and seasonings to taste; e.g., thyme, French tarragon, red pepper flakes.

Add 5-6 cups shelled, washed purple hull peas.

Add half water and half vegetable stock to cover peas, plus about one inch.

Let boil over medium heat for 45 minutes, or until tender.


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