Woodmen LifeSince Perry Wellness Center relocated to its current address at 302 Furlow Street in Americus, its flag pole has never been without a proudly waving American flag. The flags have been donated by Woodmen Life representative Silas Bush and his wife, Joanne. The 126-year-old organization, formerly known as Woodmen of the World, is an insurance conglomerate that also promotes patriotism through flag distribution. Locally, the Bushes present an average of almost 20 flags per year to non-profit organizations.

“We have been blessed to meet so many people in our 32 years of flag distribution,” Mr. Bush shared. “Woodmen Life has never had a ‘down’ year. We have grown in membership and financial growth each year. The next years look good for us. All customers are members of Woodmen Life and share our mission of word-of-mouth promotion.”

Recently, Mr. and Mrs. Bush presented seven new flags to the City of Americus, and one to the Georgia State Patrol, the Sumter County Courthouse, and the Lake Blackshear Regional Library. Other local non-profits can take advantage of the opportunity to receive a flag. According to Mr. Bush, “We are eager to supply the American flag to any non-profit. Please make contact with us, and we will discuss the procedure.”

In a recent visit to Perry Wellness Center, Silas and Joanne Bush brought additional flags for the growing campus. They were joined by peers and staff Willie, Sudenna, Kelly, Melissa Jean, Jantwan, and Sherry in a display of the red, white, and blue.

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