HGTV deliveryAn exciting project in Americus, Georgia’s historic district is about to receive national attention, and Perry Wellness Center is delighted to be a small part of it.

A brief bit of background first:

Several months ago, local business owner and antique enthusiast Chuck Smith visited Columbus, Georgia furniture builder and restoration expert Bobby Smith. The owner of the Maze was interested in purchasing furniture for his downtown store, but discussion soon turned to potential restoration projects in Americus. This discussion led to contact by an HGTV contractor from Australia, Greg Quail. He was invited to Americus to tour properties for possible purchase for a project. After much inspection, a nineteenth-century house on the corner of South Jackson and College Street was selected.

The house, which had suffered significant damage in a fire, was restored and updated over the next several months. The painstaking restoration was filmed by an HGTV crew in order to create a pilot episode for the popular home improvement network. Americus is abuzz with anticipation for the grand unveiling!

Now, here’s the PWC connection:

While visiting houses in the Americus historic district, Chuck Smith and Greg Quail stopped by Perry Wellness Center. They toured the campus and visited in Rudy’s Happy Patch Market.  Later, Quail was introduced to renowned artist Jeff Williams, who happens to be resident artist and project director at Perry Wellness Center. During their discussion, Jeff invited the HGTV production team to stop by the market and check out our extensive greenhouses.

Long story short: when the episode airs on HGTV, alert viewers should note that the refurbished home features not only artwork from Jeff Williams, but ferns and other plants from the greenhouses of Perry Wellness Center. PWC founder and CEO Stuart Perry was happy to partner with other local businesses on this unique project and arranged for delivery of the plants to the stately home.

Since he planted the seed that started this project, we’ll let Chuck Smith have the last word:

“This project began as a way to link a broader communication service to the greatness of Americus. This may be an opening to future projects in Americus and Sumter County. Already our county has Plains, the home of our 39th President of the United States; the international headquarters of Habitat for Humanity, the Windsor Hotel, and Andersonville Village and National Cemetery. Perry Wellness Center has been selected as Top Mental Health Provider in Georgia. We have a lot of charm to share with the world.”

 In the photo above, Jeff Williams, left and other staff members and peers of Perry Wellness Center join production crew members in loading a truckload of display plants for the filming of a pilot episode for HGTV.

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