New CheckersBreak time at Perry Wellness Center occurs periodically between classes, groups, meals, and other activities. Peers find numerous ways to occupy themselves, from chatting with friends to doing needlework to playing games.

Friends Andrew and Tim often play a modified game of checkers. When they were first observed playing, many questions arose. Andrew explained, “We learned this game from family and friends. It is still checkers, not chess.”

He explained a key difference: “When we move across the conventional checker board and our piece is crowned ‘king.’ We can them move it out to strategically plan for blocking our removing pieces from our opponent.” However, in the modified game, those “double checkers” are allowed to move in all directions. The additional diagonal movement causes players to think ahead more as they plan the capture of opponents’ checkers. The planning strategy is fun for observers to watch.

When asked to name the game, Tim only replied, “It is like checkers, but different!” After finding chess difficult and too time-consuming, this version of checkers offers just the right amount of challenge.

Peers are encouraged to find creative outlets during their break time, and these two peers have risen to the occasion!

In the photo above, Andrew, left, and Tim face off for another round of their nameless game of fun.

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