Weekend MenuEvery activity at Perry Wellness Center has a purpose. Even mealtimes become a learning activity, as they allow peers to practice everything from proper nutrition to social etiquette.

Friday and Saturday lunch specials are a part of the weekly schedule that promote choice and responsibility, as well as offering delicious meal options. Each Friday and Saturday, a menu is distributed that allows peers and staff to place special food orders.

Peer leader Sherry Robinson helps coordinate this project. She explains, “The menu changes each week and provides a different selection of favorites for our staff and peers.”

As Sherry visits different rooms, she presents this Friday’s menu. Offered are a chicken breast sandwich for $3.50, a chicken breast plate for $5.00, and side dishes of french fries, hamburger dip, and macaroni and cheese for $1.50 each.

Part of the learning experience: peers and staff must pay in full when ordering and have correct change. Sherry notes, “I work with peers and staff to offer a different routine. The idea of paying in full and with correct change is a learning experience that we must adopt.”

Each Friday and Saturday, she takes an average of eight to ten orders from staff and peers ready for a change in the routine. Our thanks to Sherry for helping out!

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