James Goss 2017If you’re a frequent patron at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market, you may have recently noticed the absence of peer James Goss. For over seven years, he has been active at Perry Wellness Center, and one of his roles has been welcoming customers to the market.

However, recent surgery has led to James’ relocation to the classroom building. Climbing the hill to the market had become a challenge. He explains, “For months, I managed to scale the hill to the market with little stress. I hope to begin that therapy again in the fall. I have been with Stuart for many years, and I have been ‘on the hill’ – Happy Patch Market, but now I am back down here. It is easier for my mobility, and I try to do all I can to help meet the demands of this growing center.”

In the classroom building, James participates in various activities, including assistance in the cafeteria. We know that market customers miss him, but we appreciate his adaptability and willingness to pitch in wherever he is needed.

In the photo above, James Goss inspects and slices ripe tomatoes in preparation for an upcoming lunch for peers and staff.

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