Procrastination DiscussionWith over 70 peers currently enrolled at Perry Wellness Center, the need for new learning opportunities has grown. PWC founder and CEO Stuart Perry explains, “We are realizing more each day that we are enrolling new peers who bring diverse needs and experiences. To address these needs, we have increased groups.” A total of six different groups take place each day at different sites on campus.

On a recent morning, the topic of discussion in one group was “procrastination,” a problem experienced by many. Group members learned how proper time management could help in such tasks as paying utility bills on time or getting medication refilled. As for the latter, group leader and staff member Kira Frazier noted, “Before we discuss the timely issues of living, we must first realize that proper and on-time medication should be our top priority. If we cannot take care of ourselves, we will not be able to take care of other needs.”

The diverse groups on campus provide opportunities for sharing personal experiences and learning new tools for better life management. For individuals in recovery, better information = better living.

In the photo above, Kira, Melissa, Amber, Kaylon, Tamika, Faith, Dorothy, Angela, and Thomas participate in a round-table group discussion.

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