Vegetable PrepFall is officially here, but the thermometer hasn’t been told yet. On a recent day in southwest Georgia, the projected high temperature was 89 degrees. But Stuart Perry was thinking of cooler temps and planning ahead.

“I know it is warm right now,” Stuart said, “But I must plan for colder days. We offer food each day to some 75 peers. It takes food to feed our staff and peer population.”

While summer vegetables are still plentiful, they are being prepared for winter consumption. Vegetables that are nearing their safe sell date are removed from the market, cleaned, cut up as needed, and bagged for freezing. The most popular items are peas and butterbeans, but a variety of vegetables are headed for the freezers.

“We will be ready,” Stuart said with assurance – and we believe him!

In the photo below, Penny Davis, left, and Essie Fulks prepare summer vegetable for fall and winter meals.

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