FisherThe home of Stuart and Pam Perry has long been a refuge for a variety of dogs and cats. They know that they soon become a part of the family as they are fed and protected by their human companions.

One spoiled canine daughter in the Perry household long ago became the official animal mascot of Perry Wellness Center. Gracie arrives at work most days with Stuart and Pam Perry. She has learned to share her domain with a feline mascot, Rudy, who has taken up residence at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market. (Yes, Rudy was named for the same person as the market, mental health advocate and PWC friend Rudy Hayes.)

Recently the animal family at the center has expanded. Amanda Perry and her fiancé, Cayce, adopted a pet as they prepared for their union. Fisher, a beautiful English Cocker Spaniel joined them as an adopted son of sorts.

Amanda shares, “Naming this pet was a first agreement for us.” As a member of the Perry family, she is also a longtime animal lover. “Like my mom and dad, I love animals and pets,” Amanda enthuses. “We take time to appreciate their personalities and enjoy the entertainment. Dogs can talk to us with their eyes, but they never talk back with disapproval.”

In recent weeks, Amanda started bringing Fisher to work with her each day. So how did this work out with Queen of All She Surveys a/k/a Gracie already settled there? Amanda says with a smile, “Initially, Gracie and Fisher had doubts, but now they are best buddies!”

Having pets at Perry Wellness Center can be therapeutic for individuals with depression and other forms of mental illness. The mix of human and animal friends makes Perry Wellness Center an even more joyous place.

In the photo above, Amanda Perry arrives with Fisher for another day at Perry Wellness Center.

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