Perry Fair 2017The Georgia National Fair in Perry, Georgia is an annual event that is a cherished fall celebration for many throughout the Southeast. This year, Perry Wellness Center carried a busload of 37 peers and staff to the fair on Sunday, October 8. It was truly a Perry round trip, with the group traveling from Perry Wellness Center to the Perry fair and back. (No relation!)

Although it turned out to be a rainy day, the spirits of those who attended were not dampened. PWC founder and CEO Stuart Perry was determined that the inclement weather would not lead to a cancellation of plans. He noted, “We had planned this trip for days, and those who went took weather protection for the day. It was a lot of fun!”

When the group arrived at the fairgrounds, Stuart luckily found a dry livestock barn that provided him a full view of the peer activity. While many enjoyed rides and exhibitions, he enjoyed viewing the animals in their cozy habitat.

Everyone in attendance appeared to have an enjoyable time, and spirits remained high the next day at the center, as peers regaled each other with stories of their latest adventure.

The trip was made even more enjoyable by the use of a local Tystanic Enterprises bus, allowing all peers and staff to share the ride together. Stuart plans to expand the center’s use of field trips for education and socialization activities and looks forward to the future use of comfortable Tystanic buses.

In appreciation of the local transportation company’s role in making the weekend trip so enjoyable, a group of peers shared a letter of appreciation from Stuart to Tystanic founder Daron Tyson, Sr.

Posing in front of a Tystanic charter bus are, from left: Raymond Davis, Sonya Mullis, Irvin Cook, Laurie Slaton, Daron Tyson, Sr., James Barron, Debra Clay, James Darryl, and Camey Clayton. In front is Daron Tyson, Jr.

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