GriseldaHalloween Week at Perry Wellness Center is always a perfect time for pretending and imaging a different persona. Halloween Day itself is the natural high point of the fall celebration, as peers and staff debut their top costume ideas.

Staff member Jan Adkinson, a/k/a/ Griselda, really did her part this year. In addition to wearing a colorful, witchy outfit for the day, Jan broke out her special CD for the occasion. As Perry Wellness Center’s billing supervisor, she normally works in a hectic office atmosphere. But when she put on her CD of strange Halloween sounds, it seemed to clear the halls.

“I have had this eerie CD for years,” Jan explains, “And it was always a tradition to play it and frighten my grandchildren. It was fun, but they soon feared the tradition of hearing those noises.” She smiles and adds, “As older adults, they remind me of those days and are not as frightened.”

One appreciated side effect of playing the CD at work? Jan says, “The eerie music keeps many out of my office. I think it might be good to bring it more often.” As our dedicated billing supervisor makes sure we get paid -- and getting paid keeps our doors open, “Griselda” can play Halloween noises every day of the year!

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