MyPlate groupThis week, peers at Perry Wellness Center enjoyed an interactive learning exercise that promoted good health through better diet. Group presenter Sarah Teal, CPS, explained the exercise and led discussion.

Peers were provided with a plate template and stickers of different foods, using the MyPlate model featured on the Choose My Plate website. The MyPlate program was developed by the USDA in order to offer “ideas and tips to help you create a healthier eating style that meets your individual needs and improves your health.”

The empty plate template used by the group identified the appropriate food groups which, taken together, created a healthy diet. Peers were encouraged to either place food stickers in the appropriate places on the plate or to create a single healthy meal, using the colorful stickers. They were also asked to identify both healthy and unhealthy options for their diet.

After further discussion, peers were invited to personalize their plates even more by creating a plate based on their own particular health needs. For example, some individuals must avoid certain foods due to allergies or conflicts with their medications. Other foods should be taken to reduce health problems; e.g., consuming dairy products to help with a calcium or Vitamin D deficiency.

After completing their plates, peers shared their creations with the rest of the group while providing explanations for their dietary choices.

Through this exercise, peers learned important lessons about proper diet in a manner that promoted interaction and active participation. For more information on choosing a healthy diet, we encourage our readers to check out the USDA’s Choose My Plate website. It feature a variety of online tools, including a BMI calculator, daily diet checklists, and tons of recipes.

In the photo above, Sarah Teal CPS, Essie Waters, Amber Cagle and Willie Pryor share ideas about proper foods for a healthy diet.

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