Tree DecorationsSince the recent arrival of Douglas fir trees from Michigan, Perry Wellness Center has headed at full tilt into the Christmas season. Our campus is always decorated during the holidays, but this year the displays are particularly festive.

We have borrowed several Christmas trees from our own Christmas Tree Wonderland to bring their fresh scent and proud heights indoors. Now their boughs are laden with lights and ornaments.

Perry Wellness Center founder and CEO says, “It is important that we use our beautiful Douglas fir trees not only to invite customers, but also to celebrate Christmas with our peers and staff family. It is a fun time!”

Peers have taken pride in construction of Christmas decorations, and their handmade ornaments give a rustic and homey look to the beautiful firs. The freshly decorated trees debuted at the annual Civitan Christmas tree party for peers on December 5, and they will stand watch during the variety of seasonal activities taking place on campus for the rest of the month.

In the photo above, Shanesha and Jamaica decorate a Christmas tree in the cafeteria with handmade decorations.

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