Cheer Up the Blues aWith a last-minute change in date, there was fear that a smaller crowd would be in attendance at the annual Cheer Up the Blues event at Perry Wellness Center. The rescheduling of Americus’ Christmas parade had created a domino effect in the Christmas calendar.

But the fears were unfounded, as the campus bustled with visitors this past Monday evening. The market area was a favorite spot for visitors to congregate, as they were provided with gift bags, hot apple cider and freshly baked cookies. Live music also filled the air.

Santa also stopped by and posed for photos with children and adults alike. “I like to visit,” Santa noted. “I can walk around and carry my gift candy canes for the children. The crowd was great, and I had fun visiting with excited children.”

Other visitors stopped by Christmas Tree Wonderland, enjoying the bargains on remaining Douglas fir trees and newly constructed wreaths of fresh greenery. And many visitors checked out the prize-winning Perryville float and spotted stray green-costumed residents.

Cheer Up the Blues b“We estimate almost 200 guests visited our center,” said PWC founder and CEO Stuart Perry. “Many were kids, and they added more meaning to the celebration. It was a fun evening! I saw nothing but smiles on the faces of our guests as they left Perry Wellness Center. It seems that a visit to our center did ‘Cheer Up the Blues.’”

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