Video GamesThe post-holiday weather may be somewhat abysmal, but Perry Wellness Center is suffering no loss of attendance or activity. The warm classrooms and cafeteria brim with activity, even during breaks. While peers often like to step outside on their breaks, the frigid weather encourages them to remain indoors and amuse themselves with conversation and the ever-popular video games.

The use of electronic games is discouraged by many educational experts, but Stuart Perry has found that they have their place as part of a balanced day. He explains, “We do not permit game play or puzzle work during scheduled groups and life improvement sessions, but for some, this game play keeps them concentrated on the challenges of the game.” For individuals with poor concentration or overactive behavior, game playing can calm and focus them.

And on a cold winter day like today, it provides a welcome diversion for those who would normally be taking a walk or otherwise enjoying the day. Here’s to warmer days!

In the photo above, Tyshaun, left, and Awan use their Nintendo DX and cell phone to practice their hosen video games. “I like to play and win at ‘Mortal Combat,’” Tyshaun says.

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