Documentation and Billing OfficeThe campus and classrooms of Perry Wellness Center are always busy, but no spots are more active than those where documentation and record management take place. Just as in a medical office, treatment plans and progress notes guide everything from peer schedules to billing.

But it’s not all about just making notes. PWC founder and CEO Stuart Perry explains, “We must meet with each of our peers each quarter to discuss progress and planned goals for their life improvement.” Interviews with each peer must take place regularly in order to monitor progress or identify problems. Such formal interviews are only a part of the communication and observation that takes place daily.

As for formal documentation, each interview or significant contact must be noted in the peer’s chart, checked for compliance with regulations, reviewed by certified peer counselors, and filed for future reference. Jan Adkinson, who serves as the center’s billing/medical records manager, monitors the entire process.

“At Perry Wellness Center, we strive to maintain a near-perfect grade with the state auditors who visit Perry Wellness Center,” she notes. “This daily documentation is required to be sure that we are providing the best in client service for our peers.”

With the increased growth in enrollment – 86 peers were in attendance today! --  these important responsibilities only increase, but everyone is up to the task.

 In the photo above, Mese, left, a data entry clerk, and Jan Adkinson work tirelessly to manage the daily peer documentation at Perry Wellness Center.

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